About Me


Born:  Brandon, Manitoba, Canada


1998 Diploma in B&W Photography; Red River Community College: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2003 Bachelor of Fine Arts; University of Manitoba; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2005 post undergraduate course; furniture designs and prototype; inspiration  from

Kandinsky and Mondrian painting; functional three dimensional works.


2017 Seven Deadly Sins; Grolle Fine Art:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2016 Shoes:  an Obsession; Grolle Fine Art; Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

2016 Untitled Works; Grolle Fine Art; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2015 ArtMonaco; Monaco, France

2014 Collected Works;Grolle Fine Art; Winnipeg, Canada

2013   Angst, Fleet Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada

Awards, Competitions and Publications


“Suspicion” Bronze Award; People & Portrait; International Aperture Award 2010

“Farewell to Childhood” Silver Award; People & Portrait; International Loupe Award, 2011


Audacious Fashion Magazine; Issue 15, January 2019

“Farewell to Childhood”; Portraits & People 2; Galaawards

Artist Portfolio; January 2012

To be published:  Exposure

2018 Self published:  Zoë: an Emotional Landscape