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Artist Statement


Bruno Wojnicz

Photographic Artist


The purpose of my photographic work is to evoke a meaningful and highly charged emotional response from the observer.  Over the years the presentation of my static images evolved into what I believe are two-dimensional catalysts of emotional suspensions to be released from a visual contact from the intimate confinement of  the viewer’s consciousness. Passion, with all its manifestations of ecstasy, joy and pain is a recurring theme of my work.

I do not work with popular or trendy themes. The images in my work may overlap with today’s populist scenarios but my intention is a personal emotional and psychological response to purposefully arouse current or past memories.  The more intense the better. This is not an attempt to create cheap and shallow images for the shock value and I have no time for those who believe that it is. The works are an attempt to bring out the viewer’s experience of a given issue at hand whether for sheer and bountiful delight or the agony of pain.

I believe that It is for the artist to utilize the subject matter displayed in their work as a tool to bring out a viewer reaction and to hopefully bring about an emotional understanding of the image.  I hope to tear the viewer’s feelings apart and for the viewer to reach a deep visceral and symbiotic personal relationship to the portrait. The work is to be the stimulant for empathy for the viewer’s craving for a deep connection.  Although not every image draws out a forceful response from everyone it is hoped that my work will elicit some type of personal reaction.

I believe that this is the next “Movement” in art.  Not just superficial imagery but a more interpersonal involvement of the viewer to the work no matter what the media.  More than just color and light, any installation should be a reciprocal emotional walk-thru not dissimilar to a movie… only more intense.


Bruno W. Wojnicz

Born:  Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, 1952

Citizenship:  Canadian


2004     Post-undergraduate course; furniture designs and prototype; inspiration  from 

Kandinsky and Mondrian painting; functional 3 dimensional works.

2003     Bachelor of Fine Arts; University of Manitoba; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

1998     Diploma in B&W Photography; Red River Community College: Winnipeg, 

Manitoba, Canada


2019     “Remembering”. Platform Gallery – Group Show Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2019 “Remembering” ARTBOX.ZURICH. – Group Show, Zürich, Switzerland 

2017     Seven Deadly Sins; Grolle Fine Art:  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2016     Shoes:  an Obsession; Grolle Fine Art; Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

2016     Untitled Works; Grolle Fine Art; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

2015     ArtMonaco; Monaco, France, by Invitation

2014    Collected Works; Grolle Fine Art; Winnipeg, Canada

2013    Angst; Fleet Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada

Awards, Competitions and Publications




2011    “Farewell to Childhood” Silver Award; People & Portrait; International Loupe Award, 

2010    “Suspicion” Bronze Award; People & Portrait; International Aperture Award 


2013 “Farewell to Childhood” Black Box Gallery; Portland Oregon, February



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“Zoë: an Emotional Landscape”, Self published,2018 

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“Farewell to Childhood”, Exposure, Volume III, 2012

“Farewell to Childhood”, Portraits & People 2; Galaawards; Honorable Mention, 2011

Swiss Art Expo, Zürich Switzerland

ArtMonaco 2015

Shoes: an Obsession
Grolle Fine Art
Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada