An Emotional Landscape
By Bruno Wojnicz
Photo book
My Latest Book: Zoë: An Emotional Landscape Zoë Alexandra, a transgender model has been an inspiration in enabling my work to progress from just emotional works to a powerful transgression of sensuality, pleasure, angst and revulsion. This book would not be possible without the Zoë’s involvement and dedication. For me she is the muse that gives me the motive and desire to stretch the photographic arts to its limits. From the beginning she has shown a wide range of emotions in front of the lens from the sublime to the passions extreme.


"I think Bruno Wojnicz is a great photographer and artist.  I remember when we met in Monaco, I told him the first time I saw his photos, I wanted to throw away my camera. His photos are not only properly exposed, they show creativity,  transgression  and really impact the viewer. He is an innovator  seeking out new experiences and giving us the opportunity to get involved in his artwork"

Mila Agirre, Photographer.