Your are the Model!

You are the Muse!

You are the Inspiration!

The Passion and the Vision

Especially for YOU and your hidden passions exposed. 

Not only for you but your friends and future generations to talk about.

To show others that deep and repressed passion!

If this is you and your wish..

To be the Muse and Inspiration,

I will fly worldwide to meet with you 



 you in a dramatic portrait that is you!

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace

None of these images were produced by AI

All of these works are original and are produced by me BrunoWojnicz, Photrogaphic Artist. 

All sold works are dated signed and numbered.

Copyright 2023

3 Distinctive Versions of Passion

The Portrait

The Collage

The Painted Work 

Prices Vary depending on the global locations.


For Commission Details email me  with the CODE in the Subject Heading:  Passion Portraits


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